Roxanne Hanna, Founder

Roxanne Hanna, Founder

Roxanne Hanna’s relationships and expertise in the design industry are deep and wide. For her, the collaboration process is profoundly personal — through mapping what clients most care about, she discovers the true north of their business. Designers and industry leaders have remarked on her unique ability to unite creative vision with sound business instincts.

Before founding Hanna Creative Co. in 2017, Roxanne worked at the executive leadership level in Sales and Business Development, then as Creative and Marketing Director, at Merida—a leader in American textile design and manufacturing. There, she earned almost two decades of experience in business strategy, marketing and design.

She approaches the branding and business development process with the mind of a designer, weaving the big-picture and details into a holistic vision. With clients large and small, she leads projects from brand and sales strategy to the services that support a growing company, including product development, website design and development, and multi-media branding. She believes that every company has a unique story to tell, and strives to bring an authentic vision to market in a way that is thoughtful, enduring and gratifying.

Roxanne has successfully led projects with clients in Europe, South America and the US — including New York, Arizona, and California. She resides in Massachusetts with her husband, son and their dog.


What the Industry is Saying...

“Roxanne is a creative partner who understands the impact of great design. She also knows the importance of marketing a brand, but her biggest strength is understanding strategy. She is a delight and always gracious and thoughtful, just like her creative approach to design.”
Mark D. Sikes | Mark D. Sikes Interior Design

"Roxanne possesses an exceptional blend of creativity, business instincts and design industry knowledge.  When we collaborated on a collection together, we witnessed her natural ability of bringing a vision to life.  We enjoyed working with her because she’s passionate, collaborative, knowledgeable and she has great taste.”
Ariel Ashe | Ashe + Leandro

"Roxanne is wise about the practical and creatively driven aspects of building a brand, a team, and a product for the design marketplace. She works hard and kindly while always helping everyone around her raise their own bar.”
Celerie Kemble | Kemble Interiors

“Roxanne has one of the best eyes in the industry. She has the incredible ability to combine research, design expertise and great intuition to create products and marketing campaigns. As Creative Director at Merida, she was instrumental in leading our branding efforts.”
Catherine Connolly | CEO - Merida

“Roxanne has a finely tuned ear for a story, a sophisticated eye for design, and the market knowledge to create lasting impact. She is also a thoughtful collaborator who inspires her creative peers to do their best work.”
Joe Fox | Reverb Branding